Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next step after submitting my application?
Your application is sent to our Recruiting Department where it is reviewed to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible and have all of the required skills and experience, you will normally receive an email response within 3-5 business days which will provide information on how to schedule your sample readings.
What type of experience should I have?
We are looking for readers with experience conducting professional readings for people other than family and/or friends. Phone reading experience is preferred, but not required. Most important, we are looking for readers with the highest standards of quality and ethics.
What abilities do you look for?
Qualified candidates will be naturally gifted, have experience using their gift in this field, and must be capable of delivering accurate and insightful readings to our customers over the phone. We look for clairvoyant abilities in addition to the use of particular tools such as angel cards, oracle cards, tarot, runes, crystals, etc. Overall, we look for readers who can create a positive and trusting relationship with our valued customers.
What is an evaluation?
An evaluation is a confidential 20-30 minute sample reading conducted separately with 2 assigned evaluators. You will need to get a "Hire" recommendation from both evaluators in order to move forward in the evaluation process.
How much money can I make?
We have multiple retail price and related pay tiers in our business. Your earnings will depend on a number of factors including the time you devote to readings and the connection you establish with customers. We also offer a New Contract bonus of $500.00. If you plan a consistent work schedule, you will have more success on our line.
How will I be compensated?
Our readers are paid per minute rates based on their talk time. We pay on a weekly basis with a manual check or direct deposit.
Do you conduct Background Checks, Social Security name search or a Credit Check?
Yes, if you pass the two evaluations, the next step will be to conduct a criminal background check for the previous seven years. We also conduct a social security name search. We do not run a credit check.
Do you do any chat or text readings in addition to phone?
No, we currently conduct all of our readings over the phone.
What kind of equipment do I need to work on the line?
You will need a traditional land line free of any features (No Caller ID, Voicemail or Three-way calling), computer and a high-speed Internet connection.
Do you require my actual picture OR can I use a stock photo?
We require a recent photo of you that matches your valid ID. We do not use stock photos for our psychics on our site.
Do I use my real name when working with your website?
We do not allow readers to use any form of their legal name on our line. We also prohibit readers from using names they have used on other websites or their private business. You will be allowed to choose a line name exclusive to our site.
I'm not in California; can I still work for California Psychics?
Yes, California Psychics currently has readers working from home across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. We are currently unable to offer contracts outside of these three countries.
What will my work schedule be?
The psychics on our line are hired as Independent Contractors and may create schedules that best suit their needs. Our customer volume tends to be heaviest between 6:00pm and 6:00am PST, so we are very interested in psychics who can schedule hours during this time frame.
Do you have an hourly minimum that I have to work per week/month?
All of our psychics are independent contractors and are welcome to work as often as they are able to each week. While we do not have a minimum hourly requirement, we do recommend that our readers try to work at least 20 hours a week to maximize their accessibility to customers.